Thank goodness for product-based planning!

As my memory gets worse I find that product-based planning, particularly the Product Flow Diagram, really gets me from a-z without forgetting anything. For example, these days I arrange many golf tournaments. What with early publicity, arranging and costing meals, putting up lists, arranging tee times, prizes, cup engraving, there are many things that can slip through the net. A Product Breakdown Structure and Product Flow Diagram make me think clearly of what I need to do and the order in which they need to be done. A few dates pencilled in by the boxes are all I need to ensure that things go smoothly. PRINCE2 training even reminds me to do risk assessment – and there’s always more at risk than just the weather. Anorak? You should see me when I trust just in my memory!

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The Concise PRINCE2

IT Governance are now selling my book, the Concise PRINCE2, which is a little ‘crammer’ for two groups of people (a) those intending to take the Foundation exam (b) those project managers who would like the comfort of a pocketbook that gave them all the key words, themes and processes, without having to lug the manual around or go chasing off to reference it. It really does fit in a pocket or handbag, and at £9.99 it won’t make a hole in your pocket.

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Bulgarian and Czech versions of The Essence of PRINCE2

Translations of The Essence of PRINCE2 are now available in Slovak-English and Czech-English. Contact Branislav Gablas at or use one of these links

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Practitioner sample paper

I have been debating with myself on whether to create more sample Practitioner papers. It seems that the APMG website has gone down to just one sample, although I thought that we had two. Another thought – the new style Practitioner exams are easy to be marked by computer, ensuring a rapid turn-round, but do they show the same level of in-depth knowledge of the method that the old essay-style papers used to do, e.g. the creation of a product-based PBS and PFD?

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Keeping the brain cells active

I am in the process of re-reading and updating my book, “The Essence of PRINCE2” and “The Art of PRINCE2 Survival”, not only to keep me thinking, but I think that it’s time that I looked afresh behind the words that describe the method. I’m not convinced that all of the authors of the 2009 version were fully ‘au fait’ with every part of the method that was rewritten, and some of it is not that easy to simply implement. I’ve also never had feedback on my suggested simplified Issue/Risk Register. For me it worked well. Any experiences out there?

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PRINCE2 Rollout Approach

Just had a nice quote from someone who bought this book:

“What a brilliant book. Concise, relevant and straightforward. I have over the years used bits and pieces of what you have presented, but nothing as crisp as your Benefits of PRINCE2 approach.”Rollout Prince2

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Rolling out PRINCE2

Rollout Prince2I have a new book on the market, PRINCE2 Rollout Approach. In it I suggest a way of approaching all those live projects that are not currently using PRINCE2. Why let them run on without the PRINCE2 control and structure? Will they give you warnings of problems that might affect quality, budget or delivery date? The book offers a staged, painless way to add just those PRINCE2 features that will bring benefit to these projects; no overkill, no huge upheaval. If you know of a company that is implementing PRINCE2, help yourself to this practical advice.

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PRINCE2: a Précis

This little book is a ‘crammer’, stuffed with the basic information about PRINCE2 that you need to know

in order to pass the Foundation exam. It fits easily into a coat pocket or handbag. You can read it on the
train or on a bus, at your desk or in your armchair.

It reminds you – or tells you, if this is your first contact with the method – of all the essential parts and
terminology of the project management method, the sequence of the activities and the products that
may be needed as you pass through a project. If you are a project manager running your early PRINCE2
projects, this book acts as an aide-memoire on what you should be doing next.

Amount (GBP): £5.00
Shipping (GBP): £2.00

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PRINCE2 Roll-Out Approach

Now that you have passed the PRINCE2 exams have you considered how to implement the method in your company? This is a project in itself! And have you considered what to do about all the live projects currently running without the help of PRINCE2? Are you really going to let them run on, possibly in an uncontrolled manner until they finish? Have a look at them and your company’s track record of completing projects. Are they likely to come in on time and within budget? Do you want to risk it, or would you prefer to have a method – with measurements – that will bring all existing projects within PRINCE2? My new book, PRINCE2 Rollout Approach, offers a progressive and measurable way to convert existing projects to PRINCE2 in a controlled manner. At only £14.95 it is a must-read for companies adopting PRINCE2.

Amount (GBP): £10.00
Shipping (GBP): £3.00

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PRINCE2: A Practical Handbook

Struggling to apply the principles of PRINCE2 in practice?
Need guidance on adapting the method for smaller projects?

PRINCE2: A Practical Handbook, third edition, provides the solution. This practical reference, matching the detail and requirements of the 2009 PRINCE2 manual, contains real-life examples and case studies, links between related themes and processes, and clear guidance on how to fine-tune the method to help you manage projects successfully, whatever the context or size.

An affordable alternative to expensive training, this best-selling handbook by PRINCE2 expert, Colin Bentley is an indispensable addition to your project management bookshelf. It will help you prepare for the PRINCE2 examinations, keep your knowledge and skills up-to-date to maintain registered status and enable you to apply the theory of PRINCE2 to everyday project work after certification.

Amount (GBP): £20.00
Shipping (GBP): £3.00

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