Project Management For All

Looking for a simple, easy-to-use method of project management? Fed up with the complexity of your current method? It’s about time that you tried PM4A, Project Management for All. I have simplified all the work that I used to do with PRINCE2® and developed a more concise and easy-to-read book. Together with the book, you get a pocket-sized checklist of what should be happening next in your project. Relax and know that you’re on the right track with PM4A.

Amount (GBP): £40.00
Shipping (GBP): £3.00

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PRINCE2 Daily Log

Daily Log photoWhy not start your project with a Daily Log already set up for you? Colin Bentley’s Daily Log contains not only a supply of Daily Log sheets, but checklists covering the whole life of a project plus all PRINCE2 document layouts.

The ring binder contains not only these great pages but a CD with all the document templates, so you can use them time and time again and customise them. Start your project with the help of the most experienced PRINCE2 person in the world at your side.

Amount (GBP): £20.00
Shipping (GBP): £2.40

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PRINCE2: a Précis

This little book is a ‘crammer’, stuffed with the basic information about PRINCE2 that you need to know

in order to pass the Foundation exam. It fits easily into a coat pocket or handbag. You can read it on the
train or on a bus, at your desk or in your armchair.

It reminds you – or tells you, if this is your first contact with the method – of all the essential parts and
terminology of the project management method, the sequence of the activities and the products that
may be needed as you pass through a project. If you are a project manager running your early PRINCE2
projects, this book acts as an aide-memoire on what you should be doing next.

Amount (GBP): £9.99
Shipping (GBP): £1.81

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PRINCE2 Roll-Out Approach

Now that you have passed the PRINCE2 exams have you considered how to implement the method in your company? This is a project in itself! And have you considered what to do about all the live projects currently running without the help of PRINCE2? Are you really going to let them run on, possibly in an uncontrolled manner until they finish? Have a look at them and your company’s track record of completing projects. Are they likely to come in on time and within budget? Do you want to risk it, or would you prefer to have a method – with measurements – that will bring all existing projects within PRINCE2? My new book, PRINCE2 Rollout Approach, offers a progressive and measurable way to convert existing projects to PRINCE2 in a controlled manner. At only £14.95 it is a must-read for companies adopting PRINCE2.

Amount (GBP): £14.95
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PRINCE2: A Practical Handbook

Struggling to apply the principles of PRINCE2 in practice?
Need guidance on adapting the method for smaller projects?

PRINCE2: A Practical Handbook, third edition, provides the solution. This practical reference, matching the detail and requirements of the 2009 PRINCE2 manual, contains real-life examples and case studies, links between related themes and processes, and clear guidance on how to fine-tune the method to help you manage projects successfully, whatever the context or size.

An affordable alternative to expensive training, this best-selling handbook by PRINCE2 expert, Colin Bentley is an indispensable addition to your project management bookshelf. It will help you prepare for the PRINCE2 examinations, keep your knowledge and skills up-to-date to maintain registered status and enable you to apply the theory of PRINCE2 to everyday project work after certification.

Amount (GBP): £39.99
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The Essence of PRINCE2

A guide to the 2009 version of the method, ideal for those who are wondering if the method might be right for their use. It also covers every aspect of the method required for students who are thinking of taking the Foundation or Practitioner examination.

Amount (GBP):  £14.95
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PRINCE2 Revealed

Revised throughout to match the details and requirements of the 2009 PRINCE2 manual and simplified to make it more useful for those who are new to the method, PRINCE2 Revealed, second edition, is the perfect first reference. A readable end-to-end overview of the complex PRINCE2 method that starts from a more accessible level than other detailed manuals, it will ease you into the topic and put the method into a real world context.

Amount (GBP): £24.99
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The Art of PRINCE2 Survival

The new 2009 PRINCE2 manual is much more tightly written than its predecessors and has made small modifications to a number of areas. It is believed by its authors to be less prescriptive than earlier versions. But there are some readers who think that is a little too bureaucratic in some documents and leaves a few areas less than fully explained.

I’ve put together some drawings of the events and words that I’ve heard about project management over the past quarter of a century or more and I’ve added some thoughts on what lies hidden beneath some of the words in the PRINCE2 manual. I hope you find some humour in the drawings and some use in the experiences and thoughts that accompany them.

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PRINCE2 for Small Projects

How small does a project or piece of work need to be before you stop using PRINCE2 to manage it? When does PRINCE2 become a bureaucratic overkill? How can I manage a job that is too small to be called a project? How much PRINCE2 do I use to manage a project with only a couple of people in it?

This book sets out to explain how PRINCE2 can be tailored to any size of project, starting with the smallest. It takes every part of the method and shows what can be combined and how to tailor the method to avoid unnecessary overheads without losing control, but still making it clear what you want as the end result.

Amount (GBP): £12.00
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