You may not like the idea of a Quality Log. Presumably you are not against checking the quality of products? You can keep details of the planned quality check in your Gantt chart, but that doesn’t tell you who the chairperson is to be or who will take what role, what the results were, how many errors were found, when the product was finally signed off. You should be able to find such information by sifting through several documents (assuming that you have been ‘bureaucratic’ enough to file them away in some order) but isn’t this inefficient – dare I say too bureaucratic? You may not like the format of the Quality Log as suggested by PRINCE2, but the philosophy seems right. So design your own – not for the purpose of creating lots of documentation, but in order to retrieve, use and disseminate the information. If something is suggested as an entry in the log that you don’t need, get rid of it. But just be sure that it isn’t a useful piece of information that you should be using.