Is there too much documentation at the end of a project? Should we not plan to check if the company got the expected benefits? Is it wrong to discuss with the Project Board how well/poorly the Project Manager did what was defined in the Project Initiation Documentation? Should we not pass on any lessons learned to other projects? Should we not document any unfinished business? Project Managers may be anxious to move on to the next ‘challenge’ (or piece of income), but it’s hardly being bureaucratic to say that you must tie up the loose ends and bring the project to a controlled close. There are too many unfinished projects where the Project Manager has moved on to avoid the ‘dirty’ parts of actually finishing a project.

Maybe the idea of bureaucracy stems from the PRINCE2 organisation structure – or, rather, the incorrect idea that every project has to have at least one person for every role. However many times the manual makes the point about the option to combine roles where sensible, there are still those who immediately envisage a large overhead of Team Managers, Project Support and Project Assurance staff, etc. If the size and criticality of the project needs it, then we may need (and use) all these people. But in many other cases we can combine roles. It’s just a matter of common sense.