PRINCE2 Roll-Out Approach

Now that you have passed the PRINCE2 exams have you considered how to implement the method in your company? This is a project in itself! And have you considered what to do about all the live projects currently running without the help of PRINCE2? Are you really going to let them run on, possibly in an uncontrolled manner until they finish? Have a look at them and your company’s track record of completing projects. Are they likely to come in on time and within budget? Do you want to risk it, or would you prefer to have a method – with measurements – that will bring all existing projects within PRINCE2? My new book, PRINCE2 Rollout Approach, offers a progressive and measurable way to convert existing projects to PRINCE2 in a controlled manner. At only £14.95 it is a must-read for companies adopting PRINCE2.

Amount (GBP): £10.00
Shipping (GBP): £3.00